Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letting Go

Sometimes life gets overwhelming. It throws us more than we can or want to handle. The answers seem far away. And all the EFFORT in the world doesn't seem to solve a problem.

At times like these, I feel it's best to let go. Hand it over to *God*.

What I do is write down whatever it is that's bothering me ~ feeling hopeless about a life dream, frustrated with someone, having a bad day, or just wanting some help to get it all done.

And I put it here.

This is my *God Jar*.
(You may insert your word of choice here ~ Universe, Mother Earth, Great Mystery, Spirit. God Jar just had a nice ring to it. It flowed better than Universal Spirit Jar.)

By the way, no, *God* is not in the jar (as in take a peek and finally see what S/he looks like). But, rather, this is where Hope resides. Here is where I can release my problem. Here is where HELP awaits!

So I put my little piece of paper into this jar and say thanks and know that I'm not alone. That someone's got my back. That I can let go.

It's a tangible tool. A practicle form of prayer in a way. I need the physical ritual, the visual prop, to really feel like I'm letting go. I have discovered that this is the perfect way for me.

It's also amazing how it works. Solutions appear. Help is offered. Doors open.

You should try it.

Besides, creating the jar was the best part! So much fun.

What tools do you use? What rituals make up your life? Please share them, I'd love to know!

A special thanks to my friend Kristi for introducing this idea to me!

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  1. Lordy! You could be my kid! I don't have a jar. . . but I "mentally" do the same thing! Often!!!

    Love you!