Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dreaming the Dream

I am happiest when I am creating ART.

When I am creating ART time as a concept disappears. I am lost in the process. This little dab of paint here, this line there. I become present and in the now. It becomes a meditative state. It is so much more effective for me than trying to sit on a pillow and focus on my breathing. When I am drawing, painting, and collaging I enter into bliss. Not "la-la the world is perfect there are no problems kind of bliss," but rather a place of centeredness and a feeling that everything is all right, no matter what is happening. It's hard to put into words, this feeling, this experience.

But today was one of those blissful days. Nearly a half a day of losing myself in ART!

Tracy making ART = one happy girl!

These days I am learning new techniques in collage and mixed-media. I am also "practicing" the act of getting anything down on paper so I don't spend all day staring at a white canvas. I found the most wonderful Art Journal prompts here. Sarah Whitmire is so generous in sharing her inspiration and ideas with others through her blog. I have a very busy summer, otherwise I'd be signing up for her online classes in Soul Journaling.

This is the "journal prompt" I've been working on. All about Home and Family. And so here is what I created:

So much FUN!!

I am so grateful for the chance to create!

What do you do to find your place of Bliss?

Happy Creating!

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