Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little of Tracy Today

Idea for this blog copied from The Great Askini. Thank you Holli!

Outside my window… all is quiet at dusk, the sky still holds a trace amount of blue, a beautiful Spring day.

I am thinking… that I need to create ART everyday, somehow.

I am thankful for… oh so much… this day, my love, my son, this home, belly dance, ART, this path...

From the kitchen… a wonderful meal prepared by my love, and now a stack of dishes awaiting my visit.

I am wearing… orange and black.

I am creating… my Life, exactly the way it should be.

I am going… to Tribal Fest in a few weeks!! Dancing, shopping, ogling dancers and their lovely, wild, inspired, and creative costumes and their delicious, infectious, inspirited Dance!

I am (re)reading… Tribal Vision, by Paulette Rees-Denis. Sigh, she is awesome.

I am hoping… that Big Changes do indeed happen this month, or at least their beginnings.

I am hearing… my son and my husband playing together, the fridge humming, a few birds still calling to each other as the day ends.

Around the house… spring cleaning actually happened today: some windows got washed, some vacuuming occurred, candles and candle holders cleaned up, a shower curtain scrubbed (WAY overdue).

One of my favorite things… is collaging. I have just *discovered* Art-Journaling, what took me so long?

A few plans for this week… dreaming big, having faith, slowing down, finding courage, surrendering, dancing, creating.

Blessings for the week!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From Dream to Reality...

Here are some words that touched me today, from Gypsy Girl's Guide:

"...when things are brewing and cooking inside, it feels like nothing is happening... It feels like we'll never be able to go from dream to reality. When those dreams are big like becoming a mother, finding our life's work, meeting the right partner, buying a house, creating a family and launching a new business, etc, it seems even harder and more distant. But the beauty of the process is that if we are pregnant with a dream or idea, just like a baby, sooner or later, it has to be born! I find so much peace in that thought. And that is what I am holding onto right now. Everything that needs to be born, will be born in its own time. We can give our love to the process, but we can't rush it."

Dreaming BIG and Sharing It

I have mentioned Mondo Beyondo in earlier posts, if this is this first time to hear about it, check them out, you won’t be sorry!

This is my Mondo Beyondo Dream List. All the things I want out of life, but have been too afraid to ask for, or have hesitated asking for, or have been too afraid to share with others. This is me dreaming BIG! This is me creating the space for Magic to happen. This is me putting it out there for others to read. Scary! But all very good! Here I go!

-Africa. Get thee-self back there somehow, someday, someway for connection, celebration, dance, spirit!
-THRIVING (as opposed to Comfortable) in my own skin ~ able to feel comfortable in front of 5 or 500 or 5,000 people!
-Find and be part of a circle of Sisters ~ an artistic, shamanic, intergalactic Sisterhood!
-Go to Thailand and Japan again, this time with my family
-Be a Leader and Inspire others through my Art
-Have a Cob/Strawbale or otherwise Natural-Materials-Built Art Studio in a beautiful place
-Be part of and rooted in an Intentional Community quite like Damanhur,
-Travel to Sacred Sites all over the world, being part of, wait, LEADING Sacred Art experiences at these sites
-Fabulous, juicy, soulful sex life!
-A COMPLETE release of EVER having to Worry about how ANY of this will be paid for ever again
-Connect in some way, because I feel like I am meant to, with a groovy group of women I know only through Blogs at this moment
-To get everything I need/desire from fellow artists on ETSY {or any other groovy place like that}
-Freedom to create my own schedule at all times
-Take my son all over this beautiful planet sharing other cultures and ways of being with him first-hand
-Participate in Art Retreats
-Visit, participate in and collaborate with the folks at Damanhur
-A Home by the Ocean ~ {even bigger} ~ in Africa
-Someone to clean my house
-To be so Centered that all of my insecurities and jealousies are released!
-Paint REALLY BIG in public places in sacred ways for sacred ceremonies
-A Clawfoot Bathtub in a gorgeous natural setting under the stars

It seems so short in hind-sight. So…

The rest of this list was “borrowed” (and slightly reworked and personalized) from other stupendous dreamers in the Mondo Beyondo community, but I feel each one so strongly, that I decided to add them to my list too. There’s lots of repeats, but that’s just because they must be important! It makes the list INCREDIBLY long, but here it is, in cyberspace and out into the Universe! Go!

-Be the wild, silly and playful woman I have never allowed myself to be
-Get Ian FANTASTIC amazing learning opportunities that lights him up
-More adventure
-Be unpredictable and unafraid
-Wander intuitively
-Open a business that doesn’t require a lot of effort to manage
-Open consciousness in Amador
-Have lots of time for myself to do things that feed my soul and serve the community/planet
-Live near to all the people I care most about and we support each other in realizing our dreams
-Someone gives us a house someplace beautiful
-Have a LOT OF FUN! I describe my life as FUN!
-Ride in a hot air balloon
-Continue to foster my tribe and find more of my tribe
-Create a life without a morning scramble
-Make a million dollars by making people smile
-Sell many paintings
-Get paid to paint what I want
-Live healthy
-Make a difference in people's lives
-Do something adventurous every day
-Find a community of people who inspire me
-Have a loving, brave marriage with my husband
-Live in a house on the beach
-Make yoga a more integral part of my life
-Live honestly and authentically
-Never work at a job again where I am not working for myself
-Take yearly trips with girl friends
-Speak another language totally fluently
-Be featured in a magazine
-Collaborate with people that I admire and become friends
-Teach & inspire others (including my own son) to grow up healthy & happy and to know what really matters in life
-Design a house from scratch and have someone build it
-Raise a super happy kid
-A blessed life
-Care for myself
-Be sexy dammit!
-Love the whole me
-Have a creative circle of friends
-Participate in a flash mob
-Say "Why not?" more often
-Go to New York City to visit
-Organize flash mobs, get onlookers to participate in flash mobs
-Be comfortable in social gatherings/meeting new people
-Work from home
-Be confident
-Be self-aware
-Deepen my relationship with my husband
-Road schooling Ian
-Eat only organically, and locally, or fair trade food
-Get to and stay at a healthy weight
-Wear a bikini and love myself in it
-Speak my mind
-Be an artist for a living
-Zip line somewhere awe-inspiring
-Be more spontaneous & adventurous with everyday plans
-Make art
-Pay it forward
-Have more fun and play more
-A house with space for guests, coffee weekends, girlfriend retreats, and entertaining
-Spend more time in nature
-Ride horses
-Be more daring
-Do yoga/meditate daily
-Be more creative
-Produce amazing art
-Have a huge studio where I can make art freely without having to move things or not spill on the carpet
-Receive lots of money to make art and travel
-Be at ease
-Have heart to heart talk more often with anyone
-Massages! Yes, one every week, and amazing ones too!
-Love with my whole heart
-Trust more
-Trust in myself completely
-Help people make small changes to live a more meaningful life
-Come towards everything from a place of curiosity and YES
-Eat at Chez Panisse
-Order a case of good wine on a regular basis
-See the Northern Lights
-Do art
-Feel fabulous in anything, and nothing
-Play hooky frequently
-Have chickens
-My home is my sanctuary
-Be an excellent leader
-Be recognized for something amazing that I do
-Enjoy a loving, passionate, sexy relationship with my partner and we will grow old together
-Be an artist
-Draw, paint, create and sell my work
-Play with paint on canvas
-Connect with my African journey
-Be known for my creativity
-Do beautiful things
-Have a window overlooking a gorgeous view, where I will work and play
-Eat healthy foods and take care of myself
-Still my inner critic
-Loosen up and dress as myself
-Go to an African concert in Africa
-Learn to laugh uproariously
-Learn to let go and zaghareet
-Have a light filled studio rich in color, ethnic fabrics, velvets, flowers, beautiful music and a comfy couch and a nice big workspace
-Take my art to market
-Keep discovering my soft inner heart and learn to revel in it ever more deeply
-Learn to dress in a way that feels lighthearted, colorful and more expressive
-Cut my inner critic off at the knees
-Refuse to do ANYTHING that doesn't ADD to my life
-Find my tribe and keep them close
-Have closer female friends
-Know what to say
-Have a wardrobe that makes me feel confident
-Go on an annual woman's retreat with my 'tribe'
-Be happy for others
-Make a difference
-Be part of an art exhibition and have my work on display
-Be spontaneous
-Be wise
-Be present
-Find my divinity within me & ALWAYS keep her ALIVE
-Be an artist
-Publish my own book
-Be an active, involved, fun, caring, and nurturing mother that my son wants to be with and talk with
-Have my art displayed in an art gallery
-Sell my art online and in an art gallery
-Swim with the dolphins
-Be silly more often and lighthearted
-Be in a passionate marriage now and when I’m 50, 60, 70, and beyond
-Be a part of a supportive, nurturing community of creative friends
-Be able to find and wear comfortable and beautiful clothing in luscious colors and patterns that allow me to feel like the creative person I am on the inside
-Paint wonderful paintings and sell them
-Raise a caring, strong and self-confident son
-Raise a loving son who respects women
-Attend a summer art retreat, annually
-Do art installations
-A tree house for my son
-Have my ART make the cover of a magazine
-Visit my book in the bookstore and see it as a bestseller
-Write and publish a book about creativity
-Inspire others through my ART, my paintings
-Offer retreats/a space for women who desperately need permission to be creative, create a place that will nurture and inspire them
-Have my ART published and licensed through an amazing ecological company
-Make art in all the places I live
-Have a wild artistic garden and house
-Host a wkly/monthly soup night, invite all my friends, neighbors, have my home be a comfortable gathering spot
-Have a playful and plentiful sex life
-Have a flourishing garden w/ veggies, fruit, sculptures and surprises
-Learn how to appreciate wine
-Drink GOOD wine
-Write an entire Wikipedia page about myself
-Be in fantastic shape physically
-Be able to express who I am with my clothes and accessories
-See indigenous people dance a traditional dance in Africa that is not done just for tourists
-Own, with my tribe, amazing land in amador county with big veggie & flower gardens, lots of beautiful structures (outdoor bath, sauna, yurts for living in, women's hut, meditation space, outdoor kitchen, etc), and either a river or natural springs flowing through the property, on this property, lead creativity & healing workshops and movement, with a huge space for movement/play/art with silks, and cushioned floors...lots of bright colors and people from the world-over come to take & teach classes and there's lots of exchange and mutual teaching/learning; people come to be part of this community space, and we have incredible chefs, all organic, super healthy, high vibrational food, gardens, structures and animals, everyone has their roles and their freedoms with lots of encouragement to go out and gain new knowledge/skills to bring back in and share; everything is run off solar, water from catchment systems/springs, completely sustainable and in tune with environment, structures are made from local, natural materials
-Be blissful & ever evolving and have become a powerful shaman with my, insights and magic
-My closest circle of friends/family are very close and have solid trust and presence with one another, we are powerful healers and teachers and have abundance in all areas of our lives
-Be a skilled dancer & artist as well as a masterful lover
-Have a well-established channel of communication with Spirit and able to positively touch thousands of lives through this bond
-Flow freely & safely through time in any direction, transport myself through time and space with my thoughts
-Travel the world and make positive impact each place I visit, starting or assisting with a healing project that is for the highest and best of the people/land/creatures
-Link with family, sisters and friends in the dream world and create positive change, and play
-Govern my time as i please, spending all the time i choose with myself, family & friends, with ease, pleasure and comfort
-Have an elegant, colorful wardrobe with lots of unique, magical accessories
-Have a super fun loving romantic relationship with husband
-Swim/dive with whales in the sea
-Drive a VW van and paint it groovy colors!