Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Creating, Creativity, Joy

Here's what I've been creating...

A new hip belt for our next costume. The front anyway.

How about you? What are you creating these days?

Synchronicity, Magic, Connection, Wonder

I believe in magic.
Synchronicity is a kind of magic.
Invisible threads woven out of site ~ linking, connecting, joining each of us to what & who we are truly meant to be with, so that we may be who we are truly meant to be.
If only we pay attention.
And trust. That you are being presented a glimpse (or whallop on the head) of something essential, a vital clue to who you are.
And like a spider web, strand by strand, an entire scene will unfold before your eyes, if you trust, if you follow, if you open your heart.
Stay open to the magic.
I have discovered a thread very recently, I'm so excited to see where it leads! A blog I follow of an inspiring and beautiful dancer, introduced to me to another blog, which led me to this amazing group of creative, courageous women, and their blogs, and their magic. And then, there in one photo was someone I recognized? Yes, someone I went to high school with.
Small world? Synchronicity. Magic. Connection. Wonder.
I am so excited by the possibilities.