Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sensations of a Morning Walk

Grosbeaks singing awake the day
Quail taking flight as I tromp by
Sun warming the top of my head
Air heaving in and out of my lungs as I struggle up a hill
Breeze on my skin as it whispers through the trees
Small dogs--big dogs--furry dogs--fat dogs - barking warm wishes or defending their space
Warm smell of bear clover briefly interrupted by diesel fuel
Madrone tree trunks resembling elephant feet – or elephant feet masquerading as Madrones?
Raccoon scat
Faded plastic raccoon poised nearby
Robins singing in call and response
Mosquitoes trying to keep up with me
Someone cooking breakfast
Tummy growling
Wispy clouds floating by
Grin and a wave from a passing elder
Buzzing flies
Hovering bees
Fluttering by blue, white, yellow, butterflies
Crunchy gravel underfoot
Pine needles smelling fine
Ants marching along
Water trickling downhill
Creativity flooding in
Fawn in the road reeling my wandering mind back to now
Tall grasses waving
Wildflowers displaying
Spiders weaving
Welcoming return from a hungry cat.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Living the Good Life

The soft gurgling and clucking of chickens, raindrops on the greenhouse roof, the smell of freshly snipped sunflower sprouts and the singing of the leaves in the wind...these sensations filled my day yesterday. Oh how I love them all! We spent the day at our dear friend Carolyn's farm. We have bought produce and eggs from her farm for almost 5 years now and want to see her succeed in every way. Yesterday we spent a good part of the day trying to be of help in various ways, potting up seedlings, fixing the greenhouse thermostat, harvesting sprouts and giving her moral support. She works from dawn till her head hits the pillow (way beyond dusk) and does it not because she loves hard work, but because it's what feeds her soul.

One of my dreams that I have nurtured and fed bit by bit over the past 10 years has been to live on land, growing food, raising chickens, connecting to the seasons and putting my roots deep down into the soil. Almost two years ago we put our little cabin in the woods up for sale as a way of moving closer towards that dream. But, then, well, the housing market, or divine forces, or whatever reason that we just don't know yet, has prevented our house from selling. So we sit up here in the beautiful pines and cedars, appreciating every ounce of it, but yearning for flatter land, open spaces, and no snow.

For now, we can help out Carolyn, feed our souls by lending a hand, connect on a deeper level with someone we like very much, give our son a chance to connect to where his food comes from, and spread the word about the benefits of eating seasonally, supporting local farms and growers, connecting to the land, and creating community ties.

Afterall, when a four year old who normally picks anything green or slightly "herby" looking from his food will eat a fresh sunflower sprout straight out of my hand and declare, "YUM," I know we're on to something good!

Please visit Carolyn at Butte Mountain Organic Farm!