Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sensations of a Morning Walk

Grosbeaks singing awake the day
Quail taking flight as I tromp by
Sun warming the top of my head
Air heaving in and out of my lungs as I struggle up a hill
Breeze on my skin as it whispers through the trees
Small dogs--big dogs--furry dogs--fat dogs - barking warm wishes or defending their space
Warm smell of bear clover briefly interrupted by diesel fuel
Madrone tree trunks resembling elephant feet – or elephant feet masquerading as Madrones?
Raccoon scat
Faded plastic raccoon poised nearby
Robins singing in call and response
Mosquitoes trying to keep up with me
Someone cooking breakfast
Tummy growling
Wispy clouds floating by
Grin and a wave from a passing elder
Buzzing flies
Hovering bees
Fluttering by blue, white, yellow, butterflies
Crunchy gravel underfoot
Pine needles smelling fine
Ants marching along
Water trickling downhill
Creativity flooding in
Fawn in the road reeling my wandering mind back to now
Tall grasses waving
Wildflowers displaying
Spiders weaving
Welcoming return from a hungry cat.

1 comment:

  1. How we crave sensations from the natural world and how health-giving they are. Thank you for the lovely poem, Tracy!