Friday, July 9, 2010

An Aha! Moment

I am relatively new to ART journaling. I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon it before this year! I have kept a journal since the day I left college, have done expressive art collage projects for over 10 years, and have tentatively dabbled in ART, well, since I started coloring as a small wee child, but mostly in the past 5 years.

And now, finally, all of these parts of me have come together in the most delightful, soulful, meaningful sort of expression!

ART Journaling!!

Oh my!

Much of what I have read and learned about ART journaling, both online and in books, is that it is most definitely not about the end product. This is not about creating a piece of ART. No, ART journaling is all about process. It doesn't matter what materials you use, what medium, or what images. It can be crayons out of a box or a more elaborate set up of prepping the page, painting, collaging, gel medium transfers, etc. And all of this made complete sense to me. On an intellectual level, I completely bought into this concept.

Then, last night, I truly EXPERIENCED what those words mean. My son was asleep, my husband busy on the computer, and it was late, not really enough time to get into a project of any kind, so I thought I'd write in my journal. But truth be told, I wasn't really in the mood for that. So I grabbed my supply of markers (fat ones, skinny ones, sparkly ones, white ones) and started doodling. And I noticed that while I was doodling, putting pen to page, coloring really, that thoughts of the day were passing through my head. Things I had done, people I had met, and ultimately, judgments I had held against someone, and then against myself. I kept drawing and coloring and doodling. Then, when it seemed "done" I felt that some words were necessary.
And out they came, exactly what my soul needed to hear, from some deep down place, words I couldn't have written, wouldn't have written, if I was only writing in my journal.

So here is that picture. But really, here is that process. Here is the result of healing happening. Of sorting through my day, of witnessing, and then releasing what needed to be released. Followed with some kindness, and a reminder.

I get it now! I understand!
ART journaling!
I am in love with this new thing in my life.
So glad to have met you!


  1. I love it Tracy! I'm really looking forward to experiencing this same sort of "Aha" moment and thoroughly enjoy seeing the results of yours :)

  2. That is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Tracy!! This is so cool--I LOVED hearing about your discovery and awakening all in one great swoosh!! Now I can't wait to see what's gonna happen once that box of goodies shows up!!


  4. Very cool, Tracy. I don't have anything (well, anything pressing) to do tonight so I think I will give this a try too!