Friday, August 27, 2010

Expressive Souls - A New Adventure!

Hello my friends.
I am feeling my way around a new adventure. It's very exciting. It's a bit scary.

This blog, IndigoMooneMusings was my first blog. My first attempt to share, to connect, to create out loud, in cyberspace ... and now, another form of expression is unfolding.

Ever since I entered into that deliciously complicated part of life called adolescence, I have wanted to paint. To be an artist. But I didn't allow it. Because I don't think I even knew it. And for most of my adult life I have convinced myself that ART is what other people do. People that went to art school. People that doodled on every available surface since they first picked up a crayon. People that dyed their hair bright bold colors. (Fascinating assumptions here...)

See, I didn't do those things. Because somewhere, for some insane reason, I didn't think I could. I thought for a very long time that I was only meant for practical things. Like bookkeeping. Because, you know, well, I was good at math and could balance my checkbook.

Over the past 10 years I have taken very tentative steps towards reclaiming creativity in my life. It started with belly dance. Of all places. And through that dance my steps have become very strong, even strides I'd say. And through dance, I gave myself permission to be creative. To create. To find beauty. To be bold. To risk. To lead.

As I allowed creativity to find expression in my life, I also let ART seep in, in tiny bits and pieces. Taking that first ever Art 101 class at the community college. Exploring water color. Making collages. Discovering the wonderful world of mixed media. And now, this year, trying ART journaling.

And now it's official, I have decided that ART will no longer just seep into my life. It is time to let it FLOOD in! To pour into and out of every ounce of my being. All I want to do is eat, sleep, and drink ART. No more waiting. Certainly no more thinking that ART is for other people.

I am an ARTist!

I have so much to express. My soul has a story to tell, a song to sing, beauty to create, and so much to share.

This blog, even the name, Indigo Moone, has been a huge part of this unfolding. A wild and creative name that took me out of Tracy, and into a whole new place in my life. But now I'm ready to be Tracy again. To integrate this wild and creative self into my life in every way, not keeping it separate from who I have been. And from who I am meant to be.

So won't you join me? In this new place, this place that has always been there, waiting until I was ready. And I am ready.

We are all Expressive Souls.
How does your soul express itself?

Share this new adventure with me!

Much gratitude and love for the journey!



  1. Ahhhhh, so beautiful, your soul is beautiful, you are beautiful.

  2. You ARE an ARTIST! Keep shining your light on the world! Let your creativity be your NEW compass!

  3. Tracy - this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE this expression...and am so headed over to that other site as soon as I finish this comment. You are AMAZING and your art is/will follow(ing) suite. Seriously...keep going, keep going, keep going....BIGger and Deeper! I Love it!

  4. You are an artist Tracy. I wonderful, expressive, unique and inspiring one at that :)

  5. Congrats on taking those bold steps to doing and being art! I did it too and it was the BEST thing I ever did. to say now I am living the life of an artist is amazing and sometimes I can't believe it too :)


  6. Yikes, neat realisation. It's not easy to say that, is it?

    I think maybe i am like you in that way. Like, girl - i have always excelled at very analytical subjects. Then...
    da da da... i realised -
    yesh, o hell yesh - all things can be art and i can like

    be OKay with embracing that
    (most days - i mean, i am not like - missus perfect artist... i still doubt myself)
    but it's neat to see such a definitive proclamation like that on a blog.

    you've like, inspired me a bit.