Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Dream Come True

I did it!!!!

More than three years of dreaming of this, and I did it!

I participated in (and passed!) Paulette Rees-Denis' Collective Soul One belly dance intensive. Whew!

It was all I had hoped it would be, and more ~ learning from Paulette, connecting with other dancers, a chance to improve upon what I've been doing for the past 10 years, being inspired by a wonderful teacher, having fun, laughing, being challenged, visiting a new place (NW Oregon), and dancing, dancing, dancing!!!!

Paulette also has a new store in town with her husband Jeff, the Cultivator General Store, so I ate some fabulous food too!!!

I'm definitely overwhelmed by all of it, the traveling, the intense learning, being away from home ~ re-entry has been hard. But, am I glad I did it? Oh my gosh, YES!!!!

It feels like from here, new horizons are opening, new opportunities will appear, life is going to hold some big changes. I am so ready!

But for now, here are some photos of my awesome adventure!!!!

The Bike Inn/River Hideaway, where I stayed, Clatskanie, OR.

Self-portrait at the Cultivator General Store

The most adorable couple, Jeff and Paulette!

In front of the studio in Portland ~ Cayte, Sarah, Brandy & Kat ~ where we also had evening classes after dancing all day in Clatskanie!

We made it to the ocean, ahhh, beautiful!

The fabulous Paulette and her humble and elated Graduates!!!

An image found in Portland that says it all!


  1. How wonderful!!!!

    Love you kiddo! Glad you are following your dream!

  2. Tracy, that is awesome. Congratulations!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Awesome, Tracy. It sounds like you had an amazing experience, one that is resonating through your life in powerful, exciting ways! Enjoy the ride :-).

  4. Congratulations! So much passion swirling around and through you :) Looks like wonderful adventures are just beginning for you - can't wait to see how this all manifests in your journal pages - gotta keep the AJLL alive!

    xo Lis

  5. It was so great to dance with you Tracy!
    congratulations again on your hard work and dedication...
    please stay in touch dancing sister...